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Flegion /Flē-juhn/

Noun: The material, sonic embodiment of those that have been vital to the progression of humanity that have been long forgotten; Those whose contributions to society have been erased by time.

Forgotten Legion is a Los Angeles based band composed of five equally eclectic human beings from various corners of the world on a singular journey to create the world's most powerful collection of forgotten ideas. By blending and blurring the lines of the individual human experience with the power of the collective unconscious, they create one singular wave of equally constructive and empowering sound.

Forgotten Legion was formed in 2014 by guitarists Sergio A. Javier and Eddie Solana. They played shows in Southern California for several years honing their craft and searching for like-minded musicians to complete the band. The year 2016 brought the additions of drummer Silvestre Rojas and vocalist SirDwight Tashibish, and a year after that the group was completed by adding bassist Justin Ellis. Resolute to bring themselves to the peak of their abilities as musicians and humans, they began working on creating cutting edge metal while performing with acts both local and legendary.

Pushed by the inherent chaos that plagues the human condition Forgotten Legion aims to redefine the rules of music of all kinds, as well as the limiting beliefs of mankind to help begin the flourishing into a new level of human existence.

SirDwight Tashibish - Vocals

Origin: September 1984; Torrance, California 

Influences: Lamb of God , Finch, Meshuggah, Tom Waits, Deftones, Mastodon, Donna Summer.

Strengths: E = mc2, Arroz con pollo.

Gear: Electro voice, Mogami.

Sergio A. Javier, “Abaddon” - Guitar

Origin: June 1992; Los Angeles, CA.

Influences: Testament, The Doors, Misfits, Pantera, Slipknot, Ghost.

Strengths: Esoteric High Knowledge, Immunity to Edibles.

Gear: Sola Custom Guitars, Boss Amps, Orange Amps, Ernie Ball, Mooer Pedals, Jim Dunlop Picks.


Eddie Solana, “Solanis” - Guitar

Origin: November 1995; Acapulco, Mexico

Influences: Grimes, Tool, Mastodon, Megadeth, Cannibal Corpse, Michael Jackson.

Strengths: Confusion, Infinite Improbability Drive.

Gear: Sola Custom Guitars, Boss Amps, Hughes & Kettner, Ernie Ball, MEE Audio.


Justin Ellis - Bass

Origin: March 1997; Leominster, Massachusetts.

Influences: Megadeth, Thin Lizzy, Rush, Between The Buried and Me, My Chemical Romance, Iron Maiden, Dillinger Escape Plan.

Strengths: Hot Sauce, Yelling.

Gear: Spector Basses, Hartke Amps, Boss Pedals, Daddario Strings.


Silvestre Rojas - Drums

Origin: December 1995; Caracas, Venezuela.

Influences: KISS, Hans Zimmer, Tool, Lamb of God, Slayer, Testament, Tower of Power.

Strengths: Star Wars, Taco Bell, Pepsi.

Gear: Pearl Drums, Vic Firth, SABIAN Cymbals, MEE Audio, Remo, LP Percussion.



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